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Ceramic Mugs

I love ceramic mugs. So much that I use them for even more than sipping tea. I was reminded of that as I cleaned out my craft room on this snowy Sunday.  I can’t give you details because this was a gift, but I’m betting it was purchased from a potter somewhere in Colorado:

Rather than a handle, it simply has an indentation where you would hold it. Currently it holds my spindle collection. Those I do have details on:

The spindles (from left to right):

  • My first spindle, a Kundert, purchased from my local yarn store in Los Angeles, sadly now closed.
  • My fanciest spindle, Liesl, from Spindles by Sourkraut, made of Swamp Kauri and Rimu, woods from New Zealand.
  • Flowers in Resin spindle from Spinatude, given to me by a dear friend.
  • Darning egg, hand turned by a friend’s husband. No shop for this one – he made several after my friend needed one and showed it off at knit group!
  • I won the lottery for this one: an English Boxwood Mini Spindle by Jonathan Bosworth (also known as a Bossie)
  • Another gift from a friend who spins beautiful laceweight on a tiny spindle, a spindle of Sycamore and American Black Walnut from IST, Isle of Wight.


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