Knitted Jewelry

Sometimes you need a few pieces of jewelry that just fit your personality. If you’re in love with knitting and jewelry, today’s post is for you. I adore these rings from Dafna Dagan which are labeled as woven, but look knitted to me.   Perhaps you’re looking for something a little funkier like these knitting… Continue reading Knitted Jewelry


Drink Me: TeaGschwendner, Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope

I’m still sampling the teas from TeaGschwender, and today’s tea is Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope. From the packaging, this is an autumn harvested tea resulting in a softer tea with woody undertones. Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope is available in the following sizes: 100g for $11.93, 250g for $28.34, 500g for $50.70 and 1000g for $101.40. When I… Continue reading Drink Me: TeaGschwendner, Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope