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Drink Me: Tea Market Pu-Erh

The final tea I purchase from Tea Market was a Pu-Erh.  Some readers have asked about my favorite unflavored teas, so I decided to pick a simple Pu-Erh for review.

Per the Tea Market, the tea is “aged with special health properties and early flavor. Chinese Penicillin.”

It is available for $4.35 per ounce, and I purchased one ounce.

When I first opened the bag the leaves smelled slightly smoky and a little grassy, smells I associate with green tea and Chinese cuisine.  Once brewed it lost that grassy smell, though there definitely was, for lack of a better word, an earthy aroma.  It definitely didn’t taste like green tea, and yet it still reminded me of tea I have been served at Chinese restaurants.  It was more sophisticated in terms of flavor, but I can’t quite put my finger (or clearly my descriptive words) on what is I’m tasting.  In general I liked it, and think it would be a good choice for an afternoon tea break if you’re looking for something less strong than a black tea.  I’m also curious if it really does cure all ills?

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