Drink Me: David’s Tea, Cranberry Pear

I wanted to try a variety of teas, so when I ordered from David’s Tea I was excited to try Cranberry Pear.

From the site, the blend contains cranberry, black tea, pear, and apple.

The tea is available in a variety of sizes: 50g for $7.50, 100g + free tin for $15, 250g + free tin for $37.50, and 500g + free tin for $75.0o.

When I opened the package one of the first things I noticed were the berries and chunks of apple and pear and the aroma of pear.  Once brewed I still noticed the pear, but picked up the black tea and also a bit of the apple.  The tea itself was both tart and sweet.  Interestingly enough I still didn’t pick up much of the cranberry flavoring – mostly I got the mellow black tea with apple and pear. I think this would be really light and refreshing iced. I’ll have to try it that way soon!

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