Teacessories: Mug Trees

As you’ve seen, my collection of mugs is steadily growing as I continue on my tea journey.  While we have some cupboard space I can devote to them, I’d rather be able to see my favorite mugs each and every day. Our counter space is a little limited, so I may store some of my mugs in my craft room. There are so many options!

For those with modern sensibilities and a modest budget, this Mug Tree Stand in Grey is available from Organize It:

Coffee Mug Tree, Grey, Organize It!, $8.99

I thought this Cast Iron Mug Tree from Bex Simon was really beautiful and different:

Cast Iron Mug Tree, Bex Simon, £40

For those wanting to dress up some wall space, there’s these beautiful Mug Trees from Fine Home Displays. I’m particularly partial to the Horizontal Tree (though they come in Vertical as well):

Horizontal Mug Trees, Fine Home Displays, $36.89

Finally, for the more traditional collector, there this Vintage Mug Stand on Amazon:

Vintage Rustic Brown Iron Mug / Cup / Glass Bottle Organizer Tree Drying Rack Stand, Amazon, $39.99


How do you organize or display your mugs?

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