Drink Me: David’s Tea, Licorice Twist

The third tea I picked up this spring from David’s Tea was Licorice Twist.  I know people have mixed feelings about anything that tastes like black licorice, but I was intrigued by the ingredient list.

From the website, Licorice Twist contains licorice root, nana mint, fennel seeds, anise seeds, cocoa, candied pineapple, ginger, peppermint, nettle leaf, chilli, bruised pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, safflower blossoms, marigold blossoms.   It is supposed to be sweet, but also good for sore throats.

Licorice Twist is available in a variety of sizes: 50g for $6.50, 100g + tin for $13.00, 250g + tin for $32.50 and 500g + tin for $70.00.

When I opened the packet I could definitely smell the anise and licorice, along with the fennel.  Once brewed I still smelled the licorice, but also the peppermint quite strongly.   The taste was deliciously spicy, and I could feel a bit of the spicy warmth in my throat. I do think this would be an excellent drink to warm up on a frozen night, or to soothe your sore throat.

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