Drink Me: TeaGschwendner, Pomegranate Elderflower White Tea

I’m still loving tasting the teas that my sister bought me from TeaGschwender.  Today’s is Pomegranate Elderflower White Tea.

From the website, the tea is a blend of organic white tea from India, elderflower blossoms and pomegranate.

This tea is available in a variety of sizes: 100g for $14.90, 250g for $35.38 and 500g for $63.32.

When I first opened the bag, the tea smelled really light and flowery.  Once brewed it still smelled flowery.  I have to admit that I was hoping for more pomegranate flavor. Mostly what I got was a delicate white tea, with a flowery finish.  I didn’t dislike it, but I’m also not the biggest fan of flowery teas.  I’d definitely be tempted to mix this with something else fruity – perhaps an iced tea experiment? Stay tuned!

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