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Drink Me: Mrs. Kelley’s Tea, French Vanilla White Tea

A few weeks ago a reader of the blog suggested that I check out Mrs. Kelley’s Tea.  I ordered a few teas to try, the first of which is her French Vanilla White Tea.

The tea is a mix of white tea and French vanilla flavor.

It is available in a variety of sizes: 3oz for $8.50 and 8oz for $17.50.



When I opened the package all I could smell was pure vanilla. It smelled AMAZING. Once brewed I could still smell the vanilla, but it also had more of a tea aroma. There were generous sized leaves and pieces of tea in the bag.  I added a little bit of sugar and the result was a sweet dessert tea that oozed vanilla.   I suspect that this blend will be a permanent addition to my collection.

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