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Drink Me: Steeped Tea, Monk’s Blend

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a podcast viewer, Kim, who is a consultant for Steeped Tea.  Steeped Tea is a company that works through its consultants and a party format to sell teas. Kim offered to send me some samples and a catalog to give it a try.  I tried some of the samples and decided to place an order.  One of the blends I ordered was the Monk’s Blend.

From the website, the blend contains black tea, calendula petals, sunflower petals and natural flavors.

Monk’s Blend is available in 50g (1.76oz) increments for $7.50.

When I opened the bag I smelled a sweet fruity flowery smell, almost like caramel. Once brewed the tea smelled more like black tea and less flowery.  It tasted like a lighter black tea, with a definite hint of sweet flowers. It was a nice blend, I think it would be great in the afternoons with a sweet treat.

If you’re interested in giving Steeped a try, you can find Kim’s party and the tea offerings here.  And thanks to Kim for letting me try a cuppa!

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