DrinkMe: Churchmouse Yarn & Teas, China Black

I recently placed another order with Churchmouse Yarn & Teas for some yummy tea. I decided to give the China Black blend a try this time.

From the website, the China Black blend contains Yunnan tea.

It is available in the following sizes: 4oz for $10.00, 8oz for $20.00 and 1lb for $40.00.  China Black is currently on sale for 20% off – don’t wait much longer because those prices won’t stick around!

China Black, according to Churchmouse, is the Chinese version of Assam; a strong black tea. But, Yunnan is somewhat mellower and doesn’t require milk. I enjoyed this one. I thought it was a strong black tea with just a hint of smokiness. I added a bit of sugar and it was sweet and mellow. I will definitely be back for more of this one.

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