Drink Me: The Perfect Blend Yarn & Tea, White Ginger Pear

Last week when I visited the Rhinebeck valley, I had the privilege of visiting The Perfect Blend Yarn & Tea shop in Saugerties, NY.  What could be more perfect for a knit and tea lover?

The shop was beautiful; warm and cozy on a chilly afternoon. I got to sip a bit of Harvest Apple Spice tea while wandering and seeing a variety of yarns that I have never seen in person before (Isager, Baa Ram Ewe and others).  The store was full of color and friendly staff, along with wonderful knit samples and of course, tea!

I spent quite a while staring at the wall of tea deciding which flavors needed to come home with me.

I also got to meet the owner and chat about her favorite teas. Of course they had to come home with me: Tea Forté White Ginger Pear and Sweet Orange Spice.

Today I’m reviewing White Ginger Pear.   White Ginger Pear is a blend from Tea Forté that includes Pai Mu Tan white tea with sweet pear and spicy ginger.  I purchased 2.1 oz in a beautiful tin for $13.50.  It doesn’t appear that you can order from The Perfect Blend Yarn & Tea shop online, so I include a link to Tea Forté’s White Ginger Pear page.

When I opened the package I smelled the sweet pear and a bit of the spicy ginger. As it brewed the two melded together in a sweet tangy smell. The tea itself was mild – just a bit of sweet and a bit of spicy on a mild white tea.  I almost think it might have smelled better than it tasted, but it was delicious!  I will definitely have to try this one iced as well which I think might give the pear a bit more chance to shine through.

All in all, this was definitely my favorite yarn shop that we visited on the trip  – how could it not be with two of my very favorite things? If you’re in Saugerties, definitely don’t miss The Perfect Blend Yarn & Tea.

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