Snug as a Mug v2

Last week I released my first paid pattern on Ravelry, Snug as a Mug, for a cozy for a Starbucks tumbler.

Of course (Murphy’s Law), as soon as I released the pattern, the Starbucks’ store page for the Stainless Steel Create Your Own Tumbler went from “out of stock” to totally gone. I had quite a few people ask me what might be a good substitute.

I ordered a few tumblers from Amazon and the one I liked the best was the Make It Your Own (MIYO) 16oz tumbler.

This tumbler is a bit shorter and wider than the Starbucks tumbler, and the bottom piece actually attaches to the stainless steel tumbler, so the cozy needs a hole in the bottom to accommodate. I’ve re-released the pattern (and sent updates to anyone who bought it before now) and included instructions for how to knit cozies for both tumblers.

Go forth and COZIFY!

And again, if you would rather #treatyoself, there are a few more in the shop!

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