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Episode 249: Why not both?

Welcome to Episode 249! This week I have a few small finishes, some knitting uh-ohs, and I want to cast on everything!

I hope you enjoy!




  • In progress: Crown Mountain Farms Falkland in Stonehenge
  • On deck: Hello Yarn Targhee in Bee Eater


3 thoughts on “Episode 249: Why not both?

  1. Hi Laura,

    Welcome to the Midwest. I’m live in a western suburb of Chicago..

    I’m working on the French macaroon sweater.
    Having trouble with back and the button hole. Luckily I have some great friends who are excellent knitters and can help me with it. 😁

    1. I’m having trouble understanding the buttonhole too! Any advice on how to do this? Is there a tutorial? Thank you

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