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Knittea: DIY Mug

Last Saturday I was idly browsing my Instagram feed and I came upon a friend’s photo of a DIY mug that she had added knitting to: She noted she had gotten the idea from a friend, so I went and checked out her friend’s feed and sure enough, it was a great idea!… Continue reading Knittea: DIY Mug


Desk Par-Tea: Fashionable Friday with the Well Appointed Desk

A few weeks ago my knitting and tea drinking partner in crime Ana, owner of The Well Appointed Desk, asked if I would be interested in collaborating on one of her Fashionable Friday posts that would be the “corner” of office supplies and tea. Ana totally did all of the heavy lifting; my contributions were… Continue reading Desk Par-Tea: Fashionable Friday with the Well Appointed Desk


Craftea: Crafty Kitty

A reader of the blog sent this delightful sale item to my attention: the Crafty Kitty kit from KnitPicks.  The kit includes a Great Catsby mug, a white Danica teapot, a coaster and dishcloth pattern, and 8 skeins of their dishie yarn in coordinating colors. Tea and knitting all in one place!


Craftea: Tea Calendar

Recently a friend called my attention to the Rifle Paper Company and the fact that they’re doing a tea calendar for 2016. So far the only details I have found are on Anna Bond’s Instagram account. She tells us to look for the calendar this summer!