Drink Me: Mighty Leaf, Pear Caramel

A few weeks ago I placed an order with Mighty Leaf on the recommendation of several friends.  I enjoyed their selection and was happy to find that a few samples hitchhiked their way to me with super fast shipping. I tried to get a variety, and you can see what I’ll be trying in the next few weeks.


My only complaint with Mighty Leaf is that the loose leaf teas are only available in 4oz increments. I very much appreciate that Mighty Leaf is trying to be Eco-conscious and can minimize packaging waste this way (i.e. instead of having all different sizes and bags), however for those of us intent on trying a variety of teas it’s a lot of tea to drink just to try a sample. I guess one could sample tea bags rather than loose leaf if you just want a quick taste.

The first tea I decided to try was the Pear Caramel because it had so appealed to me in the ordering process.

From the website, the tea blend contains Washington state pears blended with Ceylon and China black tea and sweet bits of caramel.

It is available in the 4oz size for $11 and 1lb size for $38.95.

When I first opened the package I could smell the sweet pear and could see the chunks in the tea.  Once brewed I could still smell the pear, but also the caramel undertones. This was a sweet rich dessert tea and I can see why it’s one of their signature blends.  I confess I don’t know if I like it as much as David’s Tea Cranberry Pear, but I enjoyed it and have plenty more to enjoy!


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