Teacessories: 27 Items All Tea Lovers Need

Several friends recently sent me a link to the Buzzfeed article “27 Items All Tea Lovers Need in Their Lives.”  I won’t repost the whole list here, but these were a few of my favorite items:

#17 A Mug with a Cookie Container

Lenny Mud, Panda Cookie Dunk Mug, $20.00


#22 Sugar Lace Doilies

Sweet Deja Vu, Edible Rosettes, $19.20 for a set of 12


#23 Origami Tea Bags

Figured Tea Bags by Natalie Ponomareva, $29 for a box of 25 tea bags

0 thoughts on “Teacessories: 27 Items All Tea Lovers Need

    1. Thanks! I know I love the cookie mugs. There are a few different ones at Lenny Mud and other places on etsy. Of course I don’t think it will help my cookie habit at all…..

  1. all of these things are so so awesome!! i love the panda cookie mug–it looks like he is chomping down on the cookie like cookie monster… 🙂

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