Drink Me: Mighty Leaf, Lychee

Another tea from Mighty Leaf that sounded interesting is the Lychee tea, so I included a bag in my last order.  From the website, Lychee is “black tea from China that is scented with the exotic lychee fruit.”

Lychee tea is available in a 4oz bag for $10.95.

When I opened the bag I smelled the strong black tea, and also a pungent slightly sour fruity smell. It didn’t smell bad, just different than anything else I have smelled. I confess I haven’t eaten lychee, so I didn’t know what I was in for!  Once brewed I could definitely smell the rich black tea, but also a light fruity scent.  I confess I’m not sure how much of the lychee I actually tasted, but I found it was a good strong afternoon tea.  I’ll have to think about blending it with some other tropical or exotic blends to bring out the flavor more.

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  1. When I read the title I wanted to ask you what lychee tastes like, but in reading found you don’t know either!! I’m glad the tea was good though. Maybe I’ll have to Google lychee to find out what it’s supposed to taste like; it sounds so exotic 🙂

      1. Really? One Google result said they taste like a cross between a pear and grape. Maybe there are different varieties? Now I want to find one and see for myself! 🙂

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