Teacessories: Dr. Who

I admit that I’m not a huge fan of Dr. Who, but I have friends and family who are, and I’ve been sampling Dr. Who teas so I thought I’d show you a few of the Dr. Who themed tea accessories that I’ve found when looking around.

My favorite source for Dr. Who-themed tea items is Think Geek.

They carry this delightful Tardis tea pot:

Tardis Tea Pot, Think Geek, $19.99


I know I’ve shared this link before, but if you’re only making tea for one, you could use this nifty Tardis infuser in your mug:

Dr. Who Tardis Tea Infuser, Think Geek, $19.99


If you’re looking for that special mug, you could caffeinate with the Dalek mug:

Dalek Mug, Think Geek, $24.99


I went looking for other mugs and found quite the selection.

Bow Ties are Cool:

Bow Ties are Cool, Cyberglassware, $12.00

The Doctors:

The Doctors, Society 6, $15.00

The Scarf Mug:

Fourth Doctor Scarf Travel Mug, BBC Dr. Who Shop, $23.98


And for those who are feeling a bit crafty, I found a few things for you too.

Caffeinate, for your coffee or tea press:

Caffeinate, Coffee/Tea Press pattern by Corynna Blasko, free!

Bigger on the Inside mug cozy:

Bigger on the Inside mug cozy, Knotwork Shop, $16.00


And even though it is not related to tea, Insulate:

Insulate, Hat Pattern by Amy van de Laar, free!


2 thoughts on “Teacessories: Dr. Who

  1. Thanks for the ideas on the Who gear…great ideas for my whovian daughter!!! I got her the teapot for Christmas, her brother got her a covered TARDIS mug (just like the teapot only without a spout), but that TARDIS tea all is awesome!!! Now, to get those fandom Who teas!!!!

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