Teaccessories: Springtime

I feel we’ve only just gotten to spring in the last few weeks here, but already summer is knocking on our doors!  I feel like I haven’t given spring its due this season, so today I picked out a variety of spring tea accessories to share:

A Dragonfly Tea Twig by Stash Tea:

Dragonfly Tea Twig, Stash Tea, $15

Modern Botanical Insect Mugs:

Modern Botanical Insect Mugs, Pale & Interesting, £10.95 each

Arta Tea Leaf Infuser available on Amazon:

Arta Tea Leaf Infuser, Amazon, $14.99


This beautiful Hand Painted Porcelain Dandelion Mug by Witch Corner:

Hand Painted Porcelain Dandelion Mug, Witch Corner, $25.95


Snail Tea bag Holder by Soul Fun Design:

Snail Tea Bag Holder, Soul Fun Design, $16 for a set of 6


Spring Mug by Julia Delarue:

Spring Mug by Julia Delarue, 10.90 €

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