Drink Me: Teavana, My Morning Mate

Another tea I purchased from Teavana in my recent order was My Morning Maté.

From the package, the tea blend contains roasted maté, red rooibos, black tea, cocoa kernels, chocolate flakes, citrus peels, cinnamon, coriander seeds and marigold petals.

It is available in multiples of 2oz for $6.98 per 2oz.

When I opened the package I smelled the rich chocolate, but also something bitter and strong, very reminiscent of coffee. Apparently maté is also marketed as an alternative to morning coffee. Once brewed I could smell the dark tea, and a bit of the rooibos.  The taste was creamy and smooth, and I mostly got the chocolate and cinnamon.  I could kind of taste the rooibos in there, and I don’t think this one is going to be a favorite, but it wasn’t bad. Remember I’m not much of a red rooibos fan, so my opinions are totally colored by that.

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