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Drink Me: Tea is for Texas, Cloud Dancer

Last week, while my husband was out of the country, my good friend K. sent me a fabulous care package and included some tea she found from Tea is for Texas.

One of the teas she sent was Cloud Dancer. From the package, the blend contains white and green tea with vanilla, pineapple and peppercorns.

I found the Tea is for Texas tea at the Independence Coffee Company, but it doesn’t appear this blend is currently available on the website. I do note that most of the blends are available for $4-5 per ounce.


When I first opened the package I smelled the vanilla and something spicy, which I assumed was the peppercorns.  After brewing I got more of the sweet pineapple smell.  The tea was super light and refreshing. I had been hoping for a bit more of the spicy peppery taste, but I didn’t get a lot of it, more just pineapple and vanilla.

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