Drink Me: Upton Tea, Berry Herb

Another tea that I ordered in my recent shopping at Upton Tea is the Berry Herb blend.

From the label, this blend contains lemon grass, hibiscus, chamomile flowers, nana-mint, licorice, black currants, elderflowers, cactus blossoms and ginger.

It is available in various sizes: 7g sample for $1.00, 60g packet for $4.20, 120g packet for $7.98, 240g packet for $15.50 or 480g packet for $29.40.

When I first opened the package I smelled the mint and the licorice. I wondered if this would be another good blend for colds or sore throats. As it brewed I got a little more berry flavor in the scent.  The tea itself was pleasing, but more herbal than berry.  I do think it would be a good brew for when I was feeling under the weather, but I don’t know if I’d choose it for an afternoon pick me up.

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