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Drink Me: Upton Tea, Moroccan Mint

I’m still working my way through my last box from Upton Tea, and today I’m reviewing the Moroccan Green Mint.  The ingredients to this one are simple: green tea and peppermint leaves.

It’s available in the following sizes: 15 sample for $1.00, 125g packet for $5.40, 250g packet for $9.72, 500g packet for $18.50 and 1000g bag for $35.20.

The only thing I smelled when I opened this tea packet is the smell of peppermint.  As a side note, I love how the green tea leaves are curled up in the packet (from the drying process) and then how they unfurl when you place them in hot water.  This one was strong and pure. I added a bit of sugar as I like my peppermint tea sweet.  This afternoon is cold and damp and this was the perfect tea to enjoy.

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