Drink Me: SerendipiTea, Buccaneer

A few weeks ago a fellow tea drinker gave me a little box from SerendipiTea of their Buccaneer tea.

From the site, the blend contains: apple, cacao beans, chocolate bits, coconut, cream flavor, Indian black tea, Rooibos, vanilla and white chocolate bits.

Buccaneer is available in a variety of sizes: 0.5oz sample bag for $2.50, 1oz tin for $5.00, 4oz box for $10.00 and 1lb bulk bag for $35.00.

I had thought this would be tea bags, but inside a little box was a little bag of tea.  I could smell the cocoa and the chocolate and, unfortunately for me, the Rooibos. I’ve covered in past posts that I’m just not a Rooibos fan. Once it was brewed I could smell a bit of the apple. However I was pleasantly surprised by the blend.  It was creamy, but smooth. I think the black tea mostly masked the Rooibos and I could taste hints of chocolate and coconut. I’m not sure it will be a favorite, but it was nice to try a drink fit for a pirate!

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