Drink Me: Tea Market, Vintage Christmas

Since this is the month for all things holiday, I was thrilled when I stopped in at Tea Market a few weeks ago and found their winter blends available. I was totally intrigued by “Vintage Christmas.”

While Tea Market doesn’t have an official ingredient label, I know this tea contains chocolate, mint, sprinkles, silver balls and popcorn, among other things.  It is available for $4.65 per ounce.

Opening the package was amazing – if you love chocolate and mint it smells just like chocolatey minty Christmas. I loved the sprinkles and silver balls in the blend, even if they don’t add anything but a bit of pretty sugar. I was most skeptical about the popcorn, but I didn’t even notice it in the tea.  The taste was great – actually very simple and sweet. It would be delightful on a cold evening.

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