Drink Me: David’s Tea, Buttered Rum

I was all set to present another holiday tea to you today, but when I went to sample it I couldn’t get past the first sip. Definitely not something I wanted to recommend.

So I took stock of my samples, and found one I think could be considered a holiday tea: David’s Tea in the Buttered Rum blend.

I’ve never been a fan of hot buttered rum, but this one contains all the things I love: black tea, coconut, vanilla beans, cornflower petals and butterscotch flavoring.

It’s available in a variety of sizes: 50g for $7.50, 100g + tin for $15.00, 250g + tin for $37.50, and 500g + tin for $75.00.

David’s Tea, Organic Buttered Rum
David’s Tea, Organic Buttered Rum


When I opened the package I mostly smelled vanilla, and I could see huge flakes of coconut. On brewing I got some of the coconut and sweet butterscotch.  This was delicious and I think it would make a great dessert tea, perhaps with a dash of spiced rum?

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