Teaccessories: Teapots for Christmas Eve

If you’re looking to sip tea and enjoy Christmas eve in the glow of your twinkle lights, might I recommend one of these teapots in red?

Christmas Red teapot for the Holidays, Dprintsclayful, $49.98


Le Creuset Oolong Tea Kettle, Williams Sonoma, $80.00


Santa Teapot, Dprintsclayful, $45.89


Curve Teapot, Indigo Tea Company, $27.95

0 thoughts on “Teaccessories: Teapots for Christmas Eve

  1. Hi! Been lurking for a while, and just wanted to say I love the “teacessories” segments on your blog, especially the themed gift ones 🙂 I bought Elevenses for a friend and she loved it!

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