Drink Me: Shang Tea, Chai Matcha

As I posted a few weeks ago, late in the fall I got to go over to Shang Tea and I was enchanted with the tea shop. While we were there the staff was so kind and gave us all kinds of tea to sample.  One of these was the Chai Matcha.

The spices are ground right in the shop, and don’t taste exactly like what I traditionally think of as Chai. In this blend I really taste the ginger and the star anise.  While we were in the shop we actually got to try two versions. The first was mixed with honey and whole milk from Shatto, a local dairy. It was sweet and rich and amazing.  The second was just mixed with a bit of honey, but no milk. It was fragrant and very clean and light tasting – I can see myself drinking a lot of it.

Chai Matcha is available from Shang Tea for $12 per ounce.



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