Sometimes when a knitting pattern gets published it captures my attention and I have to cast on as soon as I see it. This was the case with Hylda by Bristol Ivy.

Hylda by Bristol Ivy, pattern available on Ravelry for $7.00

Hylda became available in early February of this year and I cast on for my version on February 19.  I even had what I thought would be the perfect yarn in my stash: some Wollmeise DK Merino in the colorway Moses that I had been hoarding for just the right sweater to come along.


The pattern is extremely well written and presented a bit of a challenge to me in getting all the different sections established. The sweater starts at the neck, and proceeds top down with raglan shaping for the sleeves.  The sweater itself isn’t shaped, but rather relies on a series of yarn overs (the mesh section) and twisted rib to create hour glass shaping and the intricate looking back.


I worked on this sweater in fits and starts – I put it down frequently to work on other projects that I committed to, but I knew I would finish it. Over Memorial Day weekend and in the week that followed I dedicated myself to getting this perfect sweater off the needles and ready for wear next fall.  Once I washed and blocked the sweater, the yarn just bloomed; it had been a pleasure to knit with but now it is so squishy and soft. I cannot wait for fall!

Special thanks to my husband who found just the right patch of sunlight for the final photos.



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