Drink Me: Tea Market, Iced Tea Blend

This week I went into my wonderful local tea shop, Tea Market. I was interested to see the summer seasonal flavors and see if they had anything particularly geared towards preparing iced tea.  I ended up getting a seasonal sampler with 5 teas intended to be served iced. I’ll review them in the coming weeks.

Today I’m writing about the Iced Tea Blend which is a blend of black and ceylon teas.  I bought the seasonal sampler with 5 teas for $20, but you can also purchase the tea by the ounce as well.

I brewed the tea hot at work and then poured it over a tumbler of ice. I added just a bit of sugar. The result was a sweet, crisp iced tea perfect for summer afternoons. If you’re in Kansas City, I can’t recommend enough stopping in at the Tea Market!

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