Drink me: Shang Tea, Jasmine White Tea Classic

Many months ago I wrote about a wonderful local Chinese tea shop, Shang Tea. This time I decided that I wanted to sample their Jasmine White Tea Classic.

From the site, Jasmine White Tea Classic is quality white tea infused 4-5 times with jasmine blooms. Not everyone is a jasmine fan, but I really like it.

Jasmine White Tea Classic is available in a variety of sizes: sample for $4.00, 2oz for $16.00, 4oz for $30.00, 8oz for $58.00 and 1lb for $115.00.

When I opened the package, all I got was fragrant jasmine. The smell always makes me think of hot summer nights. I don’t know if I’ve ever actually been near blooming jasmine, but it certainly conjures up that feeling for me. This was the perfect blend of tea with jasmine – I got the flowery aroma and a bit of the taste, but it wasn’t overly strong. It really was in the perfect proportions.

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