Drink Me: Adagio Teas, White Peach

I really like anything peach, from fresh peaches in the summer to peach flavored Jolly Ranchers and everything in between.  So when I saw that Adagio had a White Peach tea I had to give it a try.

From the website, the White Peach Tea includes white tea from China, apricots, natural peach flavor and marigold flowers.  It’s available in a sample size for $2, 1.5oz for $6 and 8oz for $19.

When I first opened the envelope all I could smell was peach. Once brewed, the tea scent came through.  The tea was really light and sweet, like a diluted peach nectar.  I really think this tea would shine as an iced tea, particularly during the summer months. It’s definitely something I would add to my collection, especially on these cold winter days to remind me that summer is coming!

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