Drink Me: Tea Market, April in Paris

There is nothing that I’m more of a sucker for than limited time offers. Tell me that a yarn is a limited dye run, or a tea is seasonal and I want it. So when I got the new spring tea blends email from Tea Market, I knew I was a goner.

We went over there last week and I brought home a few new treats, one of which was a blend called April in Paris.  From the Tea Market materials, this is a black tea blend with vanilla and rose buds. I’m normally not a rose person, but it smelled delicious so I couldn’t resist it!

I don’t have the price list in front of me for the seasonal items, but I bought an ounce for approximately $5.00.  This is a beautiful tea!

When I smelled this blend at the store I could smell the sweet notes of vanilla and rose – so fresh and springlike.  Once brewed I could definitely smell the roses.  The tea itself was mild and sweet. It’s exactly what I picture serving at a tea party, but this isn’t an old English rosewater smell or taste.

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