Drink Me: Mightly Leaf, Organic Assam Estate

Several weeks ago a friend asked me if I had any recommendations for a good Assam tea.  The fact was I had no idea where to start. So when I placed an order from Mighty Leaf, I decided to try their Organic Assam Estate.

From the website the Organic Assam Estate is “black tea from the renowned Satrupa estate in Assam, India, [and] is delicate and slightly sweet, with a hint of Swiss chocolate.”

The tea is available in a 4oz size for $15.95 and in a 1lb size for $49.95.

When I first opened the package I smelled a rich earthy smell, slight sweet in tone.  Even though I tend to like flavored tea blends quite a bit, I was intrigued by the aroma.  I brewed this one up strong, but added some sugar for sweetness.  Once brewed it was a good strong smelling tea.  The taste was very much what I expected: pure full-bodied black tea. I think I lack the words to properly describe how Assam tea differs from other black tea varieties, but there is something characteristic about it and this was a really nice once. A good go to, or perhaps one to blend with other flavors?

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