Drink Me: Harney & Sons, Cranberry Autumn

When I was placing my order with Harney & Sons, they had tins of Cranberry Autumn on sale. I just checked and they’re still on sale!

While Cranberry Autumn is a loose leaf tea, this time I bought it in tea bags in a beautiful tin.  The blend contains Chinese black tea with cranberries, orange and hibiscus.  The tin of 30 tea bags is normally $10.95 but is currently on sale for $8.00.

When I first opened the tin I could smell the cranberries and the hibiscus.  After brewing it smelled fruity and berry like.  This was smooth with just a hint of sweetness. It does remind me of fall and I think it will be a fall favorite. I also think it would be delicious iced – I’ll have to try that next.

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