Drink Me: Republic of Tea, Cranberry Spice Hibiscus

A few weeks ago I got the holiday season catalog from The Republic of Tea. I immediately ordered a Harvest Stackable tin ($13.50) and, not realizing I was already getting some, a can of the Cranberry Spice Hibiscus ($11.00).

I already know I love the Hot Apple Cider tea – I thought I had reviewed this one already, but I can’t find it so I will in the next post!  I have also tried the Pumpkin Spice and liked it quite a bit. But the Cranberry Spice was new.

From the website this one contains hibiscus, cinnamon, ginger, carob bits, apple bits, sweet blackberry leaves, cardamom seeds, chicory root, pepper, cloves, cranberry bits, and star anise.

When I opened the container, I could smell the spices in the cranberry tea. Once brewed the tea was a warm red color. It wasn’t sour like I expected it might be from the cranberry and I mostly tasted the hibiscus and spices.  It was a really nice warm winter tea, and I think I’ll be drinking it quite a bit. I also wonder if I could use it for a mulled wine?

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