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Drink Me: Shang Tea, Tangerine Blossom Premium Red Tea

Another tea I picked up on my last trip to Shang Tea is Tangerine Blossom Premium Red Tea.

Tangerine Blossom Premium Red Tea contains organic white tea and tangerine blossoms.

Tangerine Blossom is available in a variety of sizes: sample for $4.00, 2oz for $18.00, 4oz for $35.00, 8oz for $68.00 and 1lb for $135.00.

When I opened the package I did get sort of a nutty aroma, which Shang Tea identifies as red tea.   Although in English we use red tea to mean rooibos, in Chinese red tea is the name for black tea.  Once brewed I got more of a complex aroma with a bit of the blossom fragrance.  This tasted like a good strong black tea with a bit of a floral finish.   In one way it was a very plain tea, but in another it was layered with nutty and floral notes. I quite enjoyed it mid-afternoon at work.

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