Review: Stitchcraft Marketing’s Magic Wand for Social Media

Last week Stitchcraft Marketing contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in beta-testing it’s newest offering: Magic Wand for Social Media.  In exchange for my feedback during the beta phase, I was provided the course free of charge.

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Magic Wand is a course for craft business owners to help them improve their media presence.  The course is web-based and contains over 6 hours of content broken down into 18 lessons.  Each lesson focuses on a crucial part of your social media presence and goes through tips and tricks on how to navigate each.  At the end of each lesson there are downloadable materials and specific action steps to get you started.

The course is organized in five modules.

  • Module 1: Identifying what your customers wants and needs.
  • Module 2: Creating excellent content for your web presence (website/blog)
  • Module 3: Learning how to use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (including Stories and Live) to your advantage
  • Module 4: Cultivating your mailing list and creating compelling newsletters
  • Module 5: Managing this process in 30 minutes a day and measuring your progress.

My initial reaction to the course is that there is a lot of great material in there. I consider myself somewhat media savvy, but there were still a ton of things that I could apply to my own website and social media accounts.  The best part about this course is that it breaks everything down into “bite size” pieces.  I often get overwhelmed by all the things I feel like I could or should be doing.  Going through this course helped me identify tasks with small steps so I could begin to tackle my media presence a few steps at a time.

As I said at the beginning of the post, in exchange for my feedback on the beta version of the course, I was given access to the course for free.  Magic Wand is not inexpensive, but it is a lot of great information in one place.  If you’re a person who thrives with self-directed courses I think it is a good value compared to working one on one with a consultant on your media presence and it is far cheaper than outsourcing your media marketing entirely.  Further, between now and June 22 you can sign up for the discounted price of $499 (one-time payment, or 2 payments of $275).

In preparation for the course launch, Stitchcraft Marketing is offering a free webinar to introduce you to the course.  This webinar is schedule for Tuesday, June 12 at Noon EST. You can register or watch the replay here. At the very least, if you’re running a crafty business and struggling to create content and keep up with your media channels I think it’s worth a look.

A special thank you to Stitchcraft Marketing who gave me access to the Magic Wand for Social Media course (retail: $499) for free. I received no other compensation for this review. All opinions and photos are my own.


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