Drink Me: Tea Market, Japanese Cherry

Another one of the teas that I picked up when I visited Tea Market was a Japanese Cherry tea.  From Tea Market, the tea includes “exquisite Sencha with dried cherry pieces.”

I purchased one ounce for $4.70 (you can purchase it, as with her other teas, for the same price per ounce) and was instructed to brew at 160F and steep for 2-3 minutes.

When I first opened the bag, all I smelled were sweet tart dried cherries.  Once brewed I smelled a milder cherry smell, with an undertone of the green tea, but it wasn’t grassy or overly strong.  It was very sweet and light and I really enjoyed it. It’s perfect for a mid-afternoon unwinding.  Tea Market claims it’s one of its best sellers and now I know why!

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